Rental Prices

Residents of the Three Rivers Fire District coverage area

$75.00 plus $100.00 deposit

Non Residents of Three Rivers Fire District coverage area

$125.00 plus $100.00 deposit

All deposits refundable if no damages and clean up is completed

To Rent our Community Center Please Contact Chief Lynn Powelson at 740-294-1799.


As of June 2, 2021 the Community Center is back openThree Rivers Fire District's Community  is open for your graduation parties, birthday party, baby showers and other rental needs. As you can see we have made some changes. Fresh paint, wood trim, floors are waxed, Thanks to Eddie Wilson, air conditioning has been serviced Thanks to Sam Fortune at Fortune and Sons Heating and Cooling, big screen computer monitor to hook your laptop up to to show pictures or videos. 

Effective January 1st, 2018 the community room  calendar will not have any renters name or show room as being rented until contract rental agreement has been completed and signed by the renter and the fire chief. The problem we are running into is that people call and ask to reserve the room and then never complete contract. This shows the room being used when it actually is open and someone else could have rented it. We are sorry for the inconvenience, but the fire chief will make every effort to meet with renters at the fire station to complete the rental agreement with them. Please call 740-294-1799 if you have any questions on this matter or rental of the community room.